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Behavioural Gap - Your Complete Financial Life

When considering your financial life, it is easy to think of investments as the be all and end all, whether that be a share portfolio, properties or other types of investments. The reality is that investments form an important, but relatively small part of your overall financial picture and the pathway to your financial goals.

The question concerning investments is have they placed you on a path that will lead where you’d like to go?

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A financial adviser helps you understand, organise and evaluate your financial life in a way that actively works towards your goals. 


This isn’t just a consideration of your financial position, but also takes in equally important components of your financial life including your values, priorities, life events and the universe of strategies available, in order to build a comprehensive plan that is tailored to you. 


With a complete picture of your financial life today, and what you’d like it to look like in the future and why, your individual path will materialise in front of you, leading the way toward your desired goals.

A financial adviser then works with you as a guide along the way, helping you to change and adapt where required to keep the path on track, to help you arrive at your intended destination.


While investments may dominate the headlines, don’t make the mistake of assuming they are the sole component of your financial life. Without the proper structure, planning, and alignment of goals, even with the best intended investment you may take yourself down a path to the wrong destination.

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