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Aged Care Advice

You are most likely here because you understand the importance of gaining aged care advice for yourself or a loved one prior to entering aged care to ensure your finances are structured in a way that can provide for the support that is required over time.

With a complex series of decisions that are often required in a very short period of time, it is important to ensure you have an effective plan that ensures both your aged care and broader financial requirements and circumstances are properly catered for.

When Considering Aged Care Advice Ask Yourself

  • Do you have the financial ability to enter the type of aged care facility you would prefer?
  • What government support is available to you?
  • What support packages are most suited to your needs and financial capabilities?
  • How will you most effectively pay the upfront costs of aged care?
  • How will you most effectively pay the ongoing costs of care?
  • What effect will aged care have on your pension eligibility?
  • Will you have an appropriate income to support your lifestyle upon entering aged care?
  • What are the other financial decisions that you will need to consider?

Who Our Aged Care Advice Is For?

Our Aged Care Advice Services

Help Financially Transition & Prepare For Aged Care

Manage Cashflow Requirements for Ongoing Care

Evaluating Government Assistance and Support

Maximising Pension Entitlements

Funding Strategies

Optimisation Strategies

Our Aged Care Advisers

Meet The Team

We have an award winning team of financial advisers ready to give you tailored aged care advice around your unique goals and circumstances.

Our Success Stories

“We have worked hard to earn our money and we expect our financial planner to be across where we are now, where we want to go, what is the most intelligent thing for our money and how we can minimise risk. Advise Wise take their role very seriously. They come up with ideas that we hadn’t considered. We have a much clearer view of our financial future. When we were invited by a friend to co-invest in a project, they was able to work with us to objectively assess the merit of the investment and help us make a decision.”

“We had a number of financial planners before Advise Wise and some bad experiences. They came highly recommended by our accountant and I just wish we had met them earlier. They are careful and understand what we need to do. They are so thorough. They always gets back to us and do what they say they will do. We feel that if something happened to one of us, they would be a great support to the other one.”

“I came to Advise Wise because I had no idea how to set myself up for a secure future. I had a good income but poor money habits and no idea what I should be doing. I didn’t want to be in the same position as my family. Advise Wise has set me up in a great way and shown me the things I needed to do. I am in very good hands.”

“We rate Advise Wise highly because they are very professional, highly educated and across so much financial stuff. Not only do they look after us, when my mum needed to go into aged care, they were able to provide us with really valuable advice in this area as well.”

“The approach of Advise Wise to our financial situation has been thorough and professional. They have brought our whole financial situation into order so that we have a good sense of where we are at. They have been able to simplify things, cut to the chase and point out what was working and what was not and saved us a fortune in fees. We are in a much better state. We know we are putting money in the right places. We know where we stand now. We have a clearer idea of where we will stand.”

“Advise Wise have really educated me about money and I am now in a much better position than I could ever have been on my own.”

“Advise Wise has given us options. My accountant recommended I speak to them because they specialise in advice to women.”

“After my divorce, I wasn’t sure of the best use of my money. Advise Wise have given me great advice in getting ahead, not to panic, and how I need to take the best care of myself and my family.”

“I can always ring Advise Wise. I can ask them any question. They are right across my whole financial situation and make me feel more confident.”

“When I got divorced, I was suddenly alone. Advise Wise have been a great support. They play a really important role for me. They check in on me. They have my best interests at heart. I can ring them when I get confusing paperwork.”

“When I suddenly became widowed, Advise Wise was there for me. They have been a great help to me in my new situation. I feel that I can talk to them. No question is too silly and they help me with my concerns and worries. I can’t do it on my own. They know how I don’t want to take too much risk. They explain things to me in a way that I understand and are always willing to listen to me. I feel much more comfortable knowing that Advise Wise are there to help me.”

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