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Professional Women

Despite a prominent career, high income, and generally high levels of education, many professional women struggle to gain their financial independence.  


Sadly, according to Fidelity’s Global Women and Money Report 2021 51% of single women are worried about their financial situation. Attributing to this is a general lack of time, interest, investment into their financial education, and available support from specialist financial advisers for women.  


In fact, only a third (33%) of women see themselves as investors, much lower than their male counterparts (41%). This is despite women’s incomes increasing to $24 trillion in 2020, up from $20 trillion in 2018 and a general shift towards women earning more year on year.  


Further studies by Fidelity show “77% of women believe that if they had a financial advisor to help them invest, they’d be more confident about their financial future.”  


Concerningly, despite the rapid rise in earning and a greater desire to seek advice amongst women, many financial advisers are systematically unequipped to help professional women work towards their goals in a proactive manner.  


When asked to comment on this topic Advise Wise Investment Committee member Joanna Ryan commented “many financial advice firms fail in catering for women with their focus on just investing. Most women seek a personal relationship with an adviser who understands the financial outcomes that are most important to them and supports and inspires them with the confidence that they can achieve financial independence.  They want to improve their financial knowledge and confidence to make decisions, build good money habits and have a healthy relationship with money.” 

As such traditional financial advice isn’t as effective for professional women when compared to tailored advice from a specialist in the area. This stems from a specialist being able to identify unique life events and goals of professional women whilst also maintaining the understanding to build a financial plan that a client will not only stick to, but also provides the inspiration, confidence, and financial education needed to help them achieve it. 


At Advise Wise we look under the surface when exploring your financial goals to provide tailored advice that is specific, purposeful, and designed to help you achieve your financial goals while accommodating for your unique situation and needs. If you would like to learn more about our tailored financial advice for women and what our “Advice For Life” is all about speak to the team today on (02) 9555 8188.

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