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Advise Wise in its present form came to be in 2015 when Fenning Advisory Services acquired Fortuity Strategic Advice with Managing Director Matthew Fenning completing the acquisition. The further acquisition of Just Advice Financial Services in 2017 saw Samuel Fenning join as Director and Financial Adviser.

Fortuity Strategic Advice was founded in 1983 and Just Advice Financial Services in 1988 and both have been providing holistic advice to their clients for this time.

In 2019 these businesses consolidated and rebranded to be known as Advise Wise now operating out of offices in Sydney CBD, Miranda and Corulla.

At Advise Wise we work everyday with a focus on helping our clients achieve their goals in life. We are proud of and immensely enjoy being a part of this journey with our clients and nothing gives us more satisfaction than making a difference in people’s lives.

We believe our experience, qualifications and values allow us to provide an objective client first service that is key to these outcomes. We look forward to continuing to help our existing clients and new clients alike to live a happy and rewarding life.

What We Stand For


We cut through the complexity of everyday life, showing you a way to a future free of unnecessary worry and filled with financial prosperity.


At Advise Wise we seek to make real, enduring, and meaningful changes in our clients’ personal and financial lives. We build and foster a bright and committed team with a shared ethos in supporting and empowering people to fulfil their aspirations.

Core Values

Our Team

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