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Kimberlee Farrell

Finance Manager

Kimberlee has over 10 years’ finance experience within many different commercial businesses ranging from financial services, professional services to technology start up companies. She has had financial accounting exposure within the private and public sectors.

Kimberlee is an experienced financial accountant that brings a diverse perspective to the application of best practice to the Advise Wise business. She is skilled in internal audit, financial statements and regulatory reporting.

Kimberlee is committed to providing reliable, timely and accurate information for company directors and plays a pivotal role in advising senior management on the financial performance of the company.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Qualifications
    Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Outside Work

Kimberlee likes to maintain a work life balance lifestyle; She juggles a working part time job with being a mum to her little boy Thomas and stepdaughter Isabella. Kimberlee loves being able to be a mum and work in a professional environment where she can utilize the skills she has acquired over the last 10 years.

More About Me

What do you do with friends in your spare time?

I like catching up with friends for a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was 10 years old I was lucky enough to see the workings of the inside of a commercial kitchen, with my uncle who ran his own restaurant. Seeing the food being made and tasting it, made me think I wanted to be a chef. Whilst I still enjoy cooking, I am glad I do not have to work the difficult hours of a chef!

What’s your favorited movie, and why?

My favourite movie is Lord of the Rings, I like the action and fantasy of being able to immerse yourself in a different world and at the time the graphics and effects were amazing.

Kimberlee works remotely and can be contacted via email.

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