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Insurance Philosophy

At Advise Wise, our insurance philosophy includes building a sustainable risk management plan to provide peace of mind and to mitigate unforeseeable circumstances that would otherwise impact your personal and financial goals. We work with you to understand what risks exist in your circumstances and map out a plan together to discuss what risks can be retained, managed or transferred in a cost effective and tax efficient manner.

As a self-licenced business, we are agnostic to insurance providers. In our selection of an insurer, we consider the following:

  • The policy definitions, features and benefits offered by the insurer
  • The claims paying history of the insurer
  • The premiums charged by the insurer
  • The business security and claims capacity of the insurer

An appropriate risk management plan provides the foundation for financial success and it is important that our clients feel comfortable knowing that in the event of the unforeseeable, they are protected.

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