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Your Values

Understanding what is fundamentally important to you is essential to creating a framework to develop an understanding of why your goals and objectives are important to you. We work with you to understand what your values are and apply those values in developing an initial framework a plan for the future that is specific to you.

People typically have a series of values across a number of categories:

Personal Values

These are the values that form the basis for how you think about the world and are observable in your attitutes, beliefs and actions.

Political Values

These are your ideological beliefs and can include your political preferences and your views on civic responsibility.

Religious Values

Your religious or spiritual beliefs influence how you believe you should behave and interact with others,

Social Values

These are the values that put consider you and your place in society. They manifest in the groups you are a part of and your attitude to others.

Economic Values

These are the values that play a large part in forming your relationship with money.

Your Priorities

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values”

Ayn Rand

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